Our Customers

We have experience working in a wide range of sectors and industries. These include small and exciting start-ups in the technology and energy sectors, as well as multinational organizations operating in traditional industries which are modernizing to meet the changing needs of today’s consumers.

In our multi-faceted experience, we have developed particular expertise in specific verticals due to the extensive opportunities we have had the privilege of undertaking. Multiple projects with high complexity have challenged our growth in innovative solutions. Our expert verticals are as follows:

  • Government – everything from local government departments to the health sector
  • Education – schools, colleges, and multi-site campuses
  • Retail – single shops and locations, to multi-store regional and national chains
  • Energy – traditional energy suppliers, as well as those delivering renewable energy
  • Banking – both large and well-known brands as well as smaller boutique banks
  • Financial services – brokers, insurance providers, pension providers, investment funds, and more

On the following pages you will find more information on the highly customized services we offer in each of these verticals, along with some practical examples of how we have helped clients. This will certainly help you visualize the possibilities in your business. It is important to note, however, that all our solutions are tailored. That said, there are similarities between businesses within each sector, and we have learned a lot about the specific challenges and opportunities that each of these businesses encounters, through working with our existing clients directly and indirectly, as a subcontractor.



You can expect us to do the same for you – we will get to know your business thoroughly, gaining a full understanding of your objectives before designing and implementing a highly-customized ICT and software solution, specifically for your unique business needs.