We have experience working in a wide range of sectors and industries. This includes small and exciting start-ups in the technology and energy sectors, and it includes multinational organisations operating in traditional industries that are modernizing to meet the changing needs of today’s consumer.

There are, however, some particular verticals that we have developed specific expertise in. This is primarily because of the quantity of projects we have delivered in these verticals, the complexity of the projects, and the number of clients we have worked with. This includes:

  • Government – everything from local government departments to the health sector
  • Education – schools, colleges, and multi-site campuses
  • Retail – single shops and locations to multi-store regional and national chains
  • Energy – traditional energy suppliers as well as those delivering renewable energy
  • Banking – both large and well-known brands as well as smaller banks
  • Financial services – brokers, insurance providers, pension providers, investment funds, and more

On the following pages you will find more information on the services we offer in each of these verticals along with some practical examples of how we have helped clients. This will help you visualize what is possible in your business. It is important to note, however, that all our solutions are tailored. That said, there are similarities between businesses in every sector, and we have learned a lot about the specific challenges and opportunities that each faces through working with our existing clients directly and indirectly as a subcontractor.


You can expect us to do the same for you – we will get to know your business and will get a full understanding of your objectives before designing and implementing a customized ICT and software solution.


The banking sector has been transformed over recent years. We know this because we have helped our clients in the banking sector stay ahead of the curve by delivering communication and IT solutions. Those solutions help improve efficiency in the organisation as well as delivering better levels of services to customers. We also have extensive experience of banking compliance certifications in addition to PCI DSS experience if you accept payment cards.


We help a range of different retail businesses implement modern, secure ICT systems to improve efficiency and enhance services to customers. This includes solutions like SAN, unified communications, network transformation, infrastructure testing, and more. It also includes ensuring LAN and WAN networks are fit for purpose so that transactions complete properly and stock control and order fulfillment processes update and work effectively.


Zero Latency has unique and detailed experience in delivering Our solutions include LAN, wireless WAN, VoIP, network transition, cloud migration, .and other technical and communication solutions to educational establishments. This includes schools, colleges, and other campus locations of various sizes and configuration.


We have worked with local government, school, and health organisations to enhance their IT infrastructure. The solutions we have provided include LAN, network WAN, VoIP, SAN, NAS, datacentre design, network transition, network transformation, cloud migration, unified communications, and more.. In everything we do, we ensure IT staff retain complete control over the network, while ensuring employees and others have the features and levels of performance they need to complete their duties and deliver services.


We can help you lower your IT infrastructure costs by moving data, applications, and processes to the cloud. Security is our top priority, we will ensure the solution meets the needs of your business, and we will support your team throughout the process so they are happy and confident with the new system. In addition to moving onsite computing operations to the cloud, we can also move elements of your IT from one cloud solution to another as part of our cloud migration services.

Financial Services

Business models in the financial services industry are unrecognisable to what they were 20 years ago. We have helped our clients in the sector make these changes and stay at the cutting edge of technology. The solutions we offer are not technology for the sake of technology, however. Instead, we offer solutions that make your business more efficient, save money, and improve the services you offer to customers.