We help a range of different retail businesses implement modern, secure ICT systems to improve efficiency and enhance services to customers. This includes solutions like SAN, unified communications, network transformation, infrastructure testing, and more. It also includes ensuring LAN and WAN networks are fit for purpose, so that transactions complete accurately, with stock control and order fulfillment processes updated and work effectively.


Accuracy and effectiveness is critically important in all retail businesses, including those with multiple outlets spread across large geographical areas. In addition, we can save you money by delivering VoIP solutions that can be used to communicate between stores and head office, as well as with your customers.


Increasingly, however, this is not enough with customers becoming more sophisticated and more demanding. They also have multiple choices for the same product or service, and loyalty to brands is, unfortunately, becoming a thing of the past. It is, therefore, important to offer additional services to enhance your offering to customers. One of the ways our clients are doing this is through giving guest access to wireless networks.
This is common in cafes and other similar locations, but it is increasingly being offered in other retail outlets including shops, health and beauty salons, and restaurants.


In addition to offering the complimentary wifi to customers, you can also harness guest wireless LANs and other technologies as marketing tools to send targeted communications to customers, and to collect data, giving you insights about your customers and what they are interested in while engaging your brand.


This is just one specific example of services that are increasingly popular in the retail sector. We can help with whatever requirements you have, and will develop a solution that is tailored to your needs.


We will be glad to discuss with you the possibilities of supporting the growth of your retail business. Go ahead and contact us.