Unified communications


At Zero Latency, we can develop a customized unified communications solution which will meet the needs of your business today, and prepare your business for the future. At the core of many of our unified communications solutions are VoIP services. We use VoIP services from the world’s leading providers, which are then customized and configured by our expert team. This ensures you have all the features you need, as well as crisp and clear audio, for excellent communications across your business.

The ultimate goal is to improve efficiency in your business while also saving you money. Speak to one of our consultants today to discuss your needs and the potential of implementing a unified communications solution in your business.


Here are some of the solutions we offer:

• VoIP – implementing a voice over internet protocol solution that is less costly and restrictive than solutions offered by traditional phone system providers. With VoIP, you will save money, plus it is more flexible and easier to scale. You also get a lot more features which will add versatility to your business.

• IP PBX Integration – get business functionality with your VoIP solution that includes the ability to transfer calls between internal extensions and make external calls.

• Analog Integration – integrate analogue devices into your overall communications infrastructure.

• VoIP over Mobile Apps – VoIP functionality is no longer restricted to physical locations. With our solutions, you can allow your team to make and receive calls using the company’s VoIP solution.

• Audio Conferencing – our solutions will give you crystal clear audio over secure connections. This will improve collaboration in your organisation, even if team members are in remote locations. It also helps improve productivity and lower costs.

• Video Conferencing – video conferencing can save you money as you will not have to pay for travel and accommodation costs. Employees can spend more time on key tasks rather than travelling to meetings. Our video conferencing solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your systems.

• Quality of Service – crystal clear audio, perfect images, and an extensive range of features – that is what you will experience with our unified communications solutions.