Zero Latency Network Discovery Tool


The Zero Latency Network Discovery Tool is a powerful service providing 2/3-layer discovery. It produces a scan that creates a detailed map of the network infrastructure. This provides a full and complete list of every device on your network. This list includes detailed information as follows:


  • The type of device
  • The manufacturer of the device
  • The device‚Äôs serial number
  • The version of firmware the device is running on
  • The hardware version of the device
  • The modules that are installed on the device
  • Device and port utilization
  • And more


Our Network Discovery Tool is beneficial in a wide range of situations. This includes:


  • When planning a network upgrade, migration, or transformation so you know everything installed on the current network
  • When requiring an inventory of your devices and software licenses
  • When identifying devices that are coming to the end of their warranty periods
  • And more


The tool is customizable to your requirements, including determining the data it should collect and any remedial actions. It is very simple to create of modify device roles, including default roles. You can certainly use the tool to identify dependencies; subsequently choose to suppress those dependencies. So, you can save precious time by avoiding having to troubleshoot false alerts.


The Network Discovery Tool works on a wide range of networks such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix networks.


To find out more about the Zero Latency Network Discovery Tool, please contact us.