Zero Latency can ensure your IT infrastructure and communications are secure against cyber attacks. For the shrewd business owners, this is not something to leave to chance. Attacks are now more frequent than ever, and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Even the most experience employees can make a mistake, unwittingly compromising your systems to attack. The more robust you make your system, with well-designed procedures and policies in place, the higher propensity for securing your business data and systems against cyber crimes.


We specialize in securing wireless networks as well as WANs, LANs, and IP networks. We can certainly armor up the remote access functionality of your system and set up and configure defense mechanisms such as firewalls, authentication, and VPNs. We also carry out penetration tests to stress-test your system, as well as develop solutions to protect against intrusion.


The cost to your business of an attack could be substantial. Even losing access to your systems or data for a few hours, let alone several days, would be costly. Call us today to find out how we can work with you to protect your business.


Here are some solutions which we offer:


  • Firewall – we install, configure, and optimise next generation firewalls to ensure maximum protection for your infrastructure without impacting on your business operations.


  • VPN –protect your sensitive data with a Virtual Private Network.



  • Site-to-site VPN –connecting your locations securely using the internet. This can involve connecting two locations or multiple locations.


  • Remote VPN –if you have remote users who work from home or other locations, we can give them secure access to your company’s network with a remote VPN solution.


  • SSL VPN –to give your remote users and employees secure access (via SSL encryption) to your network. No software is required on the computers of your remote users as they access your network with a standard web browser.


  • Multipoint VPN –traffic on a normal VPN must pass through your main server or router which is usually located in your head office. A multipoint VPN does not require this. Instead, each device on the network can communicate directly with other devices regardless of their locations. This lowers the amount of bandwidth required, speeds up connections, and saves your business money.


  • AAA– authentication, authorisation, and accounting solutions that control access to your infrastructure, as well as providing other benefits including usage auditing and service billing.


  • IPS/IDS – we set up IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) to control how your systems are accessed. We can also set up IDS (Intrusion Detection System) so your IT team has a better understanding of what is happening in your system.


  • Web proxies – enhance the privacy of your web access


  • Application access/control – we can put in place systems and solutions that prevent unauthorised applications from executing on your systems and potentially causing damage.


  • DPI– our Deep Packet Inspection solutions will examine data packets transferred in your network for malicious code including trojans, spam, viruses, and other unauthorised code.


  • Penetration and Vulnerability Assessments – we can analyze your systems, procedures, and levels of staff knowledge to determine your level of vulnerability and provide you with a risk assessment. We also carry out penetration testing to check how your systems and procedures cope with a simulated attack.


  • PCI DSS – if you want to accept credit card payments in your business we can help you become PCI DDS compliant.


  • DDOS– Distributed Denial of Service attacks can strike almost any business. We can help protect your business through preventative measures and monitoring tools.


  • Vendors –we have experience working with products, systems, platforms, and solutions from almost all vendors.