Infrastructure Testing


How robust is your IT infrastructure? Is it vulnerable to an attack? What would happen to your data in a disaster situation? How long does it take you to get your business back online in a disaster situation? Have you ever tested your backup recovery processes? Do your backups even work?


We can answer these questions and more with our infrastructure testing services. This process will highlight where improvements can be made.

Here is how Zero Latency can help:


  • Functionality Testing– ensuring all of your systems and applications, including backup processes, operate as they should. We can also check the resources in your infrastructure to identify areas that are under-utilized.
  • Baseline Testing – testing if your business is getting the level of performance, you are paying for, from your current provider.
  • Penetration Testing – carrying out simulated attacks in an attempt to breach your technical and procedural defenses. We use a range of strategies and technologies to achieve this.
  • Vulnerability Testing – checking whether there are areas of your IT infrastructure that are vulnerable to attack, as well as testing your procedures.
  • Throughput/Performance Throttling– testing the effectiveness of your performance throttling protocols.