Wireless Solutions


Zero Latency provides wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions, offering the flexibility of working wire-free, without compromising security. Our solutions utilize products from the world’s leading wireless vendor. These solutions are enterprise ready, standards-based, and fully support Network Admission Control, Self Defending Network, and other major network products. We deliver levels of security comparable with wired LANs, to prevent both passive and active attacks. Our solutions are reliable, consistent, and scalable, and can be managed with minimal resources.



Comprehensive Solutions

Zero Latency specializes in delivering end-to-end connectivity solutions. This includes WAN connectivity, ISP internet, Wi-Fi, security, compliance, and more. This comprehensive approach saves you time and money. In addition, we only use products, platforms, and services from a carefully curated group of vendors. We ensure that each vendor offers solutions which are interoperable, and support standards and protocols from the all the major players in the market. Some of the vendors whom we work with are Cisco, Merakki, Aruba/HP, and Rokus, as well as popular cloud Wi-Fi solutions.