At Zero Latency, we provide storage solutions that are reliable and that meet the needs of your business. This includes ensuring you have the level of access that is required, and ensuring you have sufficient capacity today and in the future.

Our solutions include SAN (Storage Area Networks), NAS services (Network-Attached Storage), the installation of storage switches, and more. We have experience delivering solutions on any scale, including situations where users put regular and significant pressures on the system.

Our consultancy process involves first getting an understanding of your current setup, where the problems are, and your business objectives. From a clear understanding of your business, we will recommend the path forward, before implementing the solution.

What we do includes:

• Storage Switches – we can install and configure storage switches to optimise, control, and improve data flow performance between users, servers, and storage devices.

• SAN – to enhance system so your common network storage devices appear on local devices as local storage.

• NAS – our enterprise level solutions will give multiple users access to the same files and storage device.

• Vendors – we have experience working with all product and service providers, ensuring we recommend the best possible solutions.