We have worked with local government, school, and health organisations to enhance their IT infrastructure. The solutions we have provided include LAN, network WAN, VoIP, SAN, NAS, datacentre design, network transition, network transformation, cloud migration, unified communications, and more.. In everything we do, we ensure IT staff retain complete control over the network, while ensuring employees and others have the features and levels of performance they need to complete their duties and deliver services.


We understand the unique nature of government organisations and the importance of delivering good services while also remaining transparent and accountable. We will ensure you get a system that represent good value for money by making any solution we implement flexible and scalable.


In addition, you will be able to save money as our solutions will make the delivery of your services more efficient. This will decrease pressures on your budget and help you allocate limited resources to where they are most needed.


We also do everything in our power to ensure your contracts are delivered on time and within budget. We do this by delivering our services efficiently and effectively, but we also work with other people involved including the various departments, officials, and stakeholders. We can offer advice to make any change management process as smooth as possible, plus we ensure there is minimal downtime so services are not interrupted for any longer than necessary.


We have worked on a government contracts of differing sizes so have experience of bidding processes and meeting specific requirements. We also hold all necessary government compliance certifications, we are ISO certified, and we hold a Cyber Essentials certification. We can also work on PSN, PLDN, and government contracts. In addition, we offer comprehensive training and support that can include training of teams in multiple locations.