Datacenter Design


Setting up a new datacenter for your business requires careful planning, design, as well as implementation. When you get it right, your datacenter will perform efficiently and will scale with your business. It will also have the right security in place so you are well-protected against cybercrimes.
At Zero Latency, we implement products and services that best suit your unique needs when creating new datacenter designs. We will give you the features and level of performance, including reliability, your business requires for optimal and secured operations. At the same time, the systems we design will ensure cost-savings in growing your business, including ongoing costs, as well as the initial capital expenditure.


Our experience extends to creating datacenters for a range of business types, with varying sizes and complexity. Our team will recommend the best avenues forward, cost-saving measures, as well as ensuring optimal performance for your datacenters.


Our datacenter services include:

• Datacenter Audit – we use our specialist tools to analyze the performance of your Datacenter as well as its security to provide recommendations on improvements.

• Datacenter Relocation– relocating a Datacenter is a significant undertaking. We will fully plan the relocation process, including analyzing the risks, implementation, as well as minimizing service disruptions to your business. Datacenter Design – we design reliable, secure, and high performing Datacenters that are also flexible and scalable.

• Cloud Datacenter – the cloud offers considerable benefits to your business, including lower capital equipment costs and less resource required for maintenance. Hybrid Datacenter – a hybrid Datacenter is a highly recommended solution for a full and seamless integration between in-house resources, cloud resources, and third-party providers.

• Troubleshooting – our experts will identify the problem and give you details on how performance or security issues in your datacenter can be fixed, and move your business forward with recommended solutions.