Server Virtualization


In many businesses, it is currently no longer viable to maintain servers in-house. They quickly become outdated, they require regular maintenance, they require regular support, security is often lacking, and the resources of the server are often underutilised (this applies even if your server is running slowly).

At Zero Latency, we offer server virtualisation as a solution to your server needs. Your capital expenditure costs will decrease substantially as you will no longer need to purchase server equipment. In addition, maintenance of a virtual server is far less resource intensive.


Plus, you only acquire and pay for the resources you need for your business.

We will facilitate the migration of your current in-house server solution to a virtual server.

Here is what we do for Server Virtualization:


  • Moving Your Servers to Virtual Machine (VM) – our VM solution will provide you with the same functionality as a physical server but in a virtual environment.


  • Moving Servers to Cloud – we can also move your servers to the cloud without compromising security and ensuring there is minimal downtime.