Cloud Migration


Zero Latency offers highly customized and dependable cloud solutions to your business. One benefit will be that applications and services will take less IT resources to manage. Additionally, you will have a flexible and scalable system, with our cloud solutions deployed. This improves your ability to swiftly respond to market conditions and be effectively competitive.

In addition, the cloud solution will lower you investments into IT hardware, software, and various resources.

The most important part of the optimization process is that of migrating your existing systems and operations to the cloud – this is where our specialist team will expertly implement the Cloud Migration. We plan, design, and configure your unique new cloud solution, followed by the Cloud Migration.

We then transfer our knowledge to your in-house team, supporting them in the transition. We will ensure they are fully up-to-speed on know-how’s of operating the new systems and how they can integrate with any part of your infrastructure, which you choose to keep in-house.

With us supporting you, you can realize all the benefits of migrating to the cloud without any hassle and without compromising operational integrity, data privacy, or your organisation’s security.


Our cloud migration services include:

  • Design – designing the new infrastructure with cloud elements from leading providers. We will also manage integrations with your existing in-house systems.


  • Implementations – we look after the whole cloud migration process, including its full implementation. This means transferring systems and data, setting up access controls, configuring security features, and more.


  • Maintenance – once your new cloud solution is in place, we can arrange to maintain it for you, ensuring it performs optimally and is delivering for your business. We can also provide post-setup support to your team.

We can deliver projects in public clouds such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle (OCI) and Alibaba Cloud. We also have significant experience in hybrid cloud projects delivery with VMware products such as NSX, VCD and vCenter.