Network Consulting


With over 15 years’ experience in networking, Zero Latency can help optimize your network performance for your business. This includes identifying the cause of performance or security problems, as well as optimizing your network. We can also highlight opportunities and recommend new technologies which can support your business growth.
Our full-stack expertise covers the entire consulting process, from designing, implementing, configuring, to optimizing, troubleshooting, and supporting networks.

We have worked with businesses in a wide range of industries. This includes networks of various sizes and various levels of complexity.

Here are some of the ways our network consulting solutions can improve your network:

• Free Consulting with Our CCIEs – our network consultants are CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) certified. This means they are the best in their field, with highly sought-after experience in converged, complex infrastructures. We offer free consultations with our expert team.

• Network Issues – does your network have security gaps or weaknesses, or perhaps it is not performing how it should? Does your server regularly crash, and do processes fail to run? We will find and solve the root causes of these problems. Bottlenecks are one of the most common causes of network performance issues. It involves too many requests on the network simultaneously, causing an overload and slowing everything – and everyone – down. If you are suffering from this, we have solutions that will improve your network performance.

• New Solutions – we are network experts and stay at the cutting edge of the industry. This puts us in a unique position to offer you advice on the latest technologies and how they will help your business.