Voice and Video Communication Over Wi-Fi


Voice and video over Wi-Fi is increasingly in demand as organisations seek to improve the efficiency of their communications infrastructure, while lowering costs. It is a method of communication that places significant strain on the Wi-Fi system of the business, however. Zero Latency has extensive experience implementing highly effective video and voice communication over Wi-Fi solutions, without compromising the quality of Wi-Fi usage for other functions.


What we offer:


  • QoS (Quality of Service) supporting Wi-Fi networks so real-time traffic is prioritised
  • Wireless IP surveillance camera installations which can be easily moved or repositioned
  • The ability to capture mobile video using wireless IP surveillance cameras
  • Phones with voice and video over wireless IP capabilities
  • Tools to enhance communication and collaboration on mobile
  • Digital compression that doesn’t affect quality
  • Security features including authentication and encryption
  • Wireless broadband services to services that are Wi-Fi based
  • The option to extend the network by over 5km using wireless backhaul networks
  • Wi-Fi mesh network setup to give you almost complete wireless network capability in any location


The benefits we offer include:


  • The ability to install wireless surveillance cameras in locations where it is difficult to use cables
  • Lower costs for both installation and maintenance
  • Quick deployment so it is ideal for temporary surveillance needs
  • Improved camera quality