Wireless Solutions for Guests


It is no longer enough to provide guests to your organization with comfortable places to sit and access to coffee making facilities. Internet access is now as crucial to productivity as any other business tool, and people expect to have access wherever they are. This presents security challenges for companies, but it is possible to implement guest Wi-Fi solutions without compromising data or network security.


Guest Wi-Fi Solutions for Enterprise


In corporate environments, controller-based deployments with tunneling apps are common. With this set up you can manage Wi-Fi access for your guests using your current Wi-Fi and security management platforms. This means you can deploy customized solutions.


Guest Wi-Fi Solutions in Public Cloud


With Zero Latency’s solution, you can access your wireless networks with a web browser. This includes changing configurations, getting reports, and troubleshooting alerts. A cloud controller delivers the service, so no hardware controllers are required. This makes deployment quick, easy, and cost effective.


The features and benefits of our solutions include:


  • Guests can create their own accounts
  • Usernames and passwords sent by email and SMS
  • Customized solutions with tailored login and landing pages
  • Access control based on date, bandwidth, and/or duration
  • Auditing and reporting tools
  • Fully compliant with relevant laws
  • Increased coverage areas
  • No need for guest access points


Other things you can do:


  • Wi-Fi analytics – real-time insight into customers and users
  • Wi-Fi marketing – segment your audience and create customized campaigns
  • Presence analytics – get similar insights to physical customers that you currently have for online customers
  • Social Wi-Fi – integrate with your social channels to improve engagement
  • Security and legal – adheres to all relevant legislation and is safe and secure
  • Content filtering – block and manage unsuitable websites