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Wireless Solutions


Zero Latency provides wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions offering the flexibility of working wire-free, without compromising security. Our solutions use the world’s leading wireless vendor products. They are enterprise ready, standards-based, and fully support Network Admission Control, Self Defending Network, and other major network products. We deliver levels of security comparable with wired LANs to prevent both passive and active attacks. Our solutions are reliable, consistent, and scalable, and can be managed with minimal resources.


Comprehensive Solutions


Zero Latency specializes in delivering end-to-end connectivity solutions. This includes WAN connectivity, ISP internet, Wi-Fi, security, compliance, and more. This comprehensive approach saves you time and money. In addition, we only use products, platforms, and services from a carefully curated group of vendors. We ensure that each vendor offers solutions that are interoperable, and that support standards and protocols from the all the major players in the market: Cisco, Merakki, Aruba/HP, and Rokus as well as popular cloud Wi-Fi solutions.


Meeting Modern Business Needs


Long gone are the days when only mobile employees needed anywhere-access to your network. Mobile is now the norm, and it is required throughout every level of an organisation and at almost every stage of the business process. Zero Latency provides solutions that help businesses achieve the level of mobility required to be successful today, while ensuring scalability for the future. We uniquely offer enterprise ready end-to-end solutions. This includes features like two-phase authentication and system integration, and services like full support and management.


The benefits to your business are:


  • Reductions in your operating costs
  • Return on investment
  • Enhanced competitive advantage
  • On demand scalability
  • An improved service through a more efficient management of resources


What we offer includes:


  • Two phase authentication which verifies both the user and the machine
  • An approach that capitalizes on your existing infrastructure. Also, we are vendor agnostic, so will always implement the solution that is best for you
  • All WLAN standards supported including 802.1x and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • The implementation of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • PCI-DSS solutions
  • IPS
  • QOS for voice, video, and text messaging
  • Traffic prioritization
  • Guest, roaming, and other mobility services
  • Wireless mesh and WLAN
  • Location services
  • Full support and training


Voice and Video Communication Over Wi-Fi


Voice and video over Wi-Fi is increasingly in demand as organisations seek to improve the efficiency of their communication infrastructure, while lowering costs. It is a method of communication that puts significant strain on Wi-Fi, however. Zero Latency has extensive experience implementing effective video and voice communication over Wi-Fi solutions.


What we offer:


  • QoS (Quality of Service) supporting Wi-Fi networks so real-time traffic is prioritised
  • Wireless IP surveillance camera installations that can be easily moved or repositioned
  • The ability to capture mobile video using wireless IP surveillance cameras
  • Phones with voice and video over wireless IP capabilities
  • Tools to enhance communication and collaboration on mobile
  • Digital compression that doesn’t affect quality
  • Security features including authentication and encryption
  • Wireless broadband services to services that are Wi-Fi based
  • The option to extend the network by over 5km using wireless backhaul networks
  • Wi-Fi mesh network setups to give you almost complete wireless network capability in any location


The benefits we offer include:


  • The ability to install wireless surveillance cameras in locations where it is difficult to use cables
  • Lower costs for both installation and maintenance
  • Quick deployment so it is ideal for temporary surveillance needs
  • Improved camera quality




For businesses, the BYOD phenomenon empowers employees, improves productivity, enhances communication, and helps individuals achieve a better work/life balance. BYOD also presents significant challenges for business, particularly as IT departments struggle with issues like compatibility, security, and access levels. Zero Latency offers solutions to these challenges.


Here are some of the things we offer:


  • Support for most major vendors including Cisco ISE, Airwatc, Aruba Clear, and more
  • MDM management
  • Self-enrolment plus on-boarding that can include registering, provision, and more
  • Tools for revoking access
  • Profiling
  • Health monitoring


Wireless Solutions for Guests


It is no longer enough to provide guests to your organisation with comfortable places to sit and access to coffee making facilities. Internet access is now as crucial to productivity as any other business tool, and people expect to have access wherever they are. This presents security challenges for companies, but it is possible to implement guest Wi-Fi solutions without compromising data or network security.


Guest Wi-Fi Solutions for Enterprise


In corporate environments, controller-based deployments with tunnelling Aps are common. With this set up you can manage Wi-Fi access for your guests using your current Wi-Fi and security management platforms. This means you can deploy customised solutions.


Guest Wi-Fi Solutions in Public Cloud


With Zero Latency’s solution, you can access your wireless networks with a web browser. This includes changing configurations, getting reports, and troubleshooting alerts. A cloud controller delivers the service so no hardware controllers are required. This makes deployment quick, easy, and cost effective.


The features and benefits of our solutions include:


  • Guest can create their own accounts
  • Usernames and passwords sent by email and SMS
  • Customized solutions with tailored login and landing pages
  • Access control based on date, bandwidth, and/or duration
  • Auditing and reporting tools
  • Fully compliant with relevant laws
  • Increased coverage areas
  • No need for guest access points


Other things you can do:


  • Wi-Fi analytics – real-time insight into customers and users
  • Wi-Fi marketing – segment your audience and create customized campaigns
  • Presence analytics – get similar insights to physical customers that you currently have for online customers
  • Social Wi-Fi – integrate with your social channels to improve engagement
  • Security and legal – adheres to all relevant legislation and is safe and secure
  • Content filtering – block and manage unsuitable websites


Wireless Bridges


Wireless bridges enable you to extend your networks to locations, or across locations, where the use of cables is not suitable – across a road or over water, for example. Zero Latency can install secure wireless bridges in your organisation with minimal disruption.


The types of bridges available include:


  • Point-to-Point – PtP links one location to another
  • Point-to-Multipoint – PtMP connects a primary location to multiple endpoints
  • Unlicensed spectrum – using similar bands to standard Wi-Fi
  • Licenced spectrum – a more stable solution as the bridge is not competing for frequency


Wi-Fi Site Surveys


Setting up an effective and efficient Wi-Fi network needs proper planning to ensure it works while also being scalable and secure. A Wi-Fi site survey is an essential part of this process. A survey will consider everything from location to HD video demand to the volume of users.


Zero Latency has extensive experience carrying out Wi-Fi site surveys for new networks and where an existing network is in place. The problems we can solve include:


  • Electrical equipment interference
  • Building and infrastructure interference
  • Incorrect spectrum configuration
  • And more